Home Lives spent some quality time on eBay which resulted in a run of POGs

Home Lives Pogs

Are you familiar with POGs? Pretty nostalgic stuff, allow me to remind you of its foundation.

A POG is a little circular piece of cardboard, decorated by random drawings, cartoons, images, scribbles, messages; what have you. With an opponent, you each grab an equal stack of the cards and place them neatly into a nifty tower. With your slammer (essentially your harmless weapon in battle), throw down on your opponent’s bundle of POGs and hope that their pile will fall apart, with each individual piece landing face up. If they do, you take those defeated POGs and claim them as your own, otherwise the remaining upside down pieces go back to the stack of their rightful owner for the next round.

Now that we’re all equipped with the knowledge that is a game of POGs, we’re definitely going to need a heap of them to get a match going. Thanks to, Home Lives and their whimsical eBay purchases, you can play for days, for they’ve acquired a POG maker and subsequently crafted their own customised range! Watercoloured, original designs, you can grab your own homemade pack off the duo’s Bandcamp for a teeny tiny cost of US$3. They’re all handpacked too, so it’s a total collector’s item.

If you’re feeling uncoordinated for such a feat, why not scope their other keepsakes, such as a Home Lives badge, a keychain “in the mEmBrAnE”, or a sticker to whack onto the lid of your overly adhesive-crowded Macbook? Alternatively, wear their t-shirt or simply just listen to their tunes; just know that this plentiful array of options are all readily available on the Home Lives Bandcamp page.

So put down that iPhone and verse me 1-1 in a customised POGs game, thanks to Home Lives.