atlas b salvesen

Atlas B – Streaming EP

We love this bio so we’re going to share it again: Atlas B Salvesen is a folk singer at heart and a philosopher of his own head. Born and raised in the Midwestern field state of Iowa, USA, there is a ghostly sense of isolation and alienation that permeates his music. He is a lyrically minded songwriter with a scattershot focus that sees him contemplate such divergent subjects as war, love, apocalypse, self-destruction and religion; sometimes in the same song. His debut EP Smoke Signals which borrows its title from the EP’s most adventurous track Smoke Signals Retire, is a melancholic journey between unrequited love and the aftermath of battles within and without. Despite the bombastic energy behind the title track, the journey this debut offers is overwhelmingly intimate and this intimacy remains present throughout the 5 songs. Atlas currently resides in Sydney, Australia where he persists. Oh and that wonderful 5 track EP is now free to stream on Soundcloud.