Home Lives spent some quality time on eBay which resulted in a run of POGs

on January 22, 2016 Home Lives and Tags: , , with 0 comments

Are you familiar with POGs? Pretty nostalgic stuff, allow me to remind you of its foundation.

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Home Lives at the BSP Kingston, Upstate New York

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Some good news! New York duo, Home Lives have wasted no time in diving straight into 2016. They played their first show of the year only a matter of days ago at Manhattan’s esteemed, Cake Shop, where they shared a bill with four other talents to serenade a completely full house.

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Home Lives’, ‘Cool Waves, Young Blood’ video

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Youth is pure, but it’s also the point of our lives in which we are at our most vulnerable. Impressionable young ladies and gents, slipping through the cracks is not an uncommon fete. Troubles may seem elevated and perpetual, but once you sit back and mature your perspective, you eventually realise the ease of simply slapping […]

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