BIGSOUND, Braille Face, Death Club 7, Dro Carey and Gabriella Cohen

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Here we go. The Monday Records weekly jaw droppers this week feature; the 15th incarnation of BIGSOUND and its first drop of artists for the 2016 festival, the epicly prolific Braille Face‘s new single ‘Backwards/Medicated’, the grandiose project that is Death Club 7‘s debut EP Immortal Peaches, Dro Carey’s addictive new EP Dark Zoo, and Gabriella Cohen‘s signing to Dot Dash & Remote Control Records. […]

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Spookyland signs to Canvasback and more

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spookyland ep tour

Three massive pieces of news in Spookyland today. Following the enormous success of his studio single The Silly F*** Thing and debut Rock and Roll Weakling we’re very excited to start working with Canvasback Music, who will be working their magic for the North American release of Rock and Roll Weakling. This signing will see […]

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