Pika teases new Demo, Bin Juice gives us another show to froth over, and Wells returns to the studio

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This week at Monday Records; Melbourne producer Pikachunes who’s a fan of hidden messages in songs teased a new demo, Psych-rockers Bin Juice went 2 for 2 with the announcement of another show, and the haunting Sydney project that is Wells returned to the studio. Looking forward to the sex stories that he’ll be sharing! […]

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New Bin Juice show, Spooks set to play Chippo City Limits, Wells ‘Born To Die’ cover reaches 13,000 plays, Circle teases studio time and Pika takes a fall

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Old mates Spookyland are playing The Lord Gladstone’s Chippo City Limits, the Wells cover of ‘Born To Die’ is on the cusp of 13,000 plays on Happy’s Exclusive Tracks, Circle has teased being back in the ickyudio and electronic mastermind Pikachunes is on the benches with 2 dance floor inflicted stitches. Coming off the back of […]

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Pikachunes premieres ‘You Are’ video on Noisey

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After dropping You Are from the forthcoming album Allely earlier this year, the single has received plenty of love in the blogosphere. Since then the track has been covered by fellow Melbourne producer Owen Rabbit, and our man Chu’ has gone on to do some mix-ups of his own taking on local legends Alpine‘s addictive track Crunches. Taking You Are one step further, Pikachunes […]

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Owen Rabbit covers Pikachunes single You Are

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Fellow Melbourne producer Owen Rabbit has covered Pikachunes new single ‘You Are’, taking it to a new dimension and our friends over at Happy premiered the cover earlier this month. Those familiar with Pikachunes (Miles G. Loveless) will know that there’s no shortage of emotion packed into the Melbourne native’s unique brand of brooding electro-pop. His latest […]

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Pikachunes Official Alpine Remix of Crunches

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alpine pikachunes

Pikachunes has knocked it out of the park with his official re-mix of the killer Alpine track Crunches. The track premiered on Tonedeaf who had some pretty special words to say about our boy: We’re only into the second month of 2016 and Melbourne producer Pikachunes has already made it the year of the ‘Chu. […]

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Pikachunes to headline the Workers Club w/ Saatsuma & Aura

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Having just shaken off his do at the Evelyn Hotel, Monday signee, Pikachunes is ready to ambush the stage of yet another Melbourne venue; this time at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. Pikachunes will headline the Workers Club in Fitzroy this Friday evening, alongside local newcomers Saatsuma and electro singer-songwriter, Aura. Pikachunes has just released the first […]

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Pikachunes premieres, ‘You Are’ on Purple Sneakers

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Since revealing his adaptation of, Pat Benatar‘s, ‘Love Is A Battlefield‘ with Sydney vocalist, AViVA, Pikchunes has gone one up with the release of his forthcoming records debut single, You Are.

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Pikachunes launches ‘You Are’ at the Evelyn Hotel

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Melbourne man, Pikachunes has pushed out the first single of his forthcoming record, Allely.

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Monday Records thanks you for a great 2015

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It’s been a good year here at Monday Records HQ. Not only have we had the pleasure in signing our artists, Wells (Sydney), Pikachunes (Melbourne) and Home Lives (New York), we’ve sat back in teary relief, proudly watching these talented artists release great material, play live shows and attract media attention from around the globe. A joy to witness, Monday […]

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Love for Pikachunes & AViVA’s collaborative cover

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Since the release of Pikachunes and AViVA‘s take on Pat Benatar‘s, Love Is A Battlefield, the rendition has fell into the laps of our friends from across the globe.

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