Circle share new single Thylacine

on March 6, 2017 Circle and Tags: , , , , with 58 comments
circle thylacine

Vibe check alert! Similar to the song’s muse, Sydney based rock outfit turned production project CIRCLE has not been seen in a while. After the success of 2012 single Fashion Me A Drum which reached a staggering 180K YouTube views, Circle took an indefinite hiatus to focus on a little thing called life. Fast forward […]

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New Bin Juice show, Spooks set to play Chippo City Limits, Wells ‘Born To Die’ cover reaches 13,000 plays, Circle teases studio time and Pika takes a fall

on June 1, 2016 Bin Juice, Circle, Pikachunes, Spookyland, Wells and Tags: , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Old mates Spookyland are playing The Lord Gladstone’s Chippo City Limits, the Wells cover of ‘Born To Die’ is on the cusp of 13,000 plays on Happy’s Exclusive Tracks, Circle has teased being back in the ickyudio and electronic mastermind Pikachunes is on the benches with 2 dance floor inflicted stitches. Coming off the back of […]

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Circle – One

on October 8, 2014 Circle and Tags: , , , with 0 comments
songs called one

Sydney duo Circle have just had their first studio single in 2 years premiere on Happy. One was written and produced by the band and mixed by the band in Enmore Audio and mixing duties were handed over to Magoo. Here’s what Happy had to say about One: Attention all synthpop lovers who spell synthesiser […]

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Circle – We Can Play

on April 2, 2013 Circle and Tags: , , with 0 comments

3 months of demos have reached a peak for Circle with their new track We Can Play. Up until now the guys have been working almost exclusively ‘in the box’ but invited a drummer along to jam through this track and were able to get a good 10 hour session in. The addition of kids […]

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Circle Cover Rump Shaker

on March 13, 2013 Bands, Circle and Tags: , , with 234 comments

Frank Ocean has Teddy Riley, Babyface and R. Kelly to thank for his taste and passion for the thumping and the melodic music he writes just as much as Teddy and crew have the Beatles to thank for the very same thing. John & Paul, heck they have Bach to thank! Alas, it would seem […]

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Circle’s One True Cup & From Your Father

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circle band

Following on from their very popular demo sessions from late 2012, Circle have dished up a couple more gems for us to sink our teeth into. With almost 10,000 plays in a month, the demos are doing the rounds and a couple have even made the Hype Machine radar.

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Circle – The Magician Part One

on December 10, 2012 Bands, Circle and Tags: , with 0 comments
circle band

We have another under three minute studio demo from Circle this week. Its available for free download on Soundcloud.

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Circle – All the People

on November 17, 2012 Bands, Circle and Tags: , with 0 comments
record label sydney

Tasty new clip from Circle for their track All the People.

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