BIGSOUND, Braille Face, Death Club 7, Dro Carey and Gabriella Cohen

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Here we go. The Monday Records weekly jaw droppers this week feature; the 15th incarnation of BIGSOUND and its first drop of artists for the 2016 festival, the epicly prolific Braille Face‘s new single ‘Backwards/Medicated’, the grandiose project that is Death Club 7‘s debut EP Immortal Peaches, Dro Carey’s addictive new EP Dark Zoo, and Gabriella Cohen‘s signing to Dot Dash & Remote Control Records. […]

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Smoke Rings, Froyo, Quantum Milkshake, Cris Gamble and Yours and Owls Festival

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Here’s what we’ve been drooling over this week; Smoke Rings new single ‘Rose Coloured Glass’ sending us into a rainbow rock frenzy, Electro-pop tornado Froyo’s set at The World Bar tonight, the mind blowing debut album Determination from the outer space Quantum Milkshake, Melbourne rapper Cris Gambles latest track ‘Anthony James’, and the froth worthy 2016 Yours […]

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The Avalanches, Tash Sultana, NYUON, Rufflefeather, PON CHO and VIVID LIVE

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Holy fuck! Our first weekly drool and The Avalanches just happen to drop one on us. Here’s what we’ve taken serious notice of this week; The Avalanches make a triumphant return with Frankie Sinatra, Tash Sultana’s mind blowing national tour rears its end, Happy’s release of Melbourne rapper NYUON‘s latest track (this guy is going to be […]

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Wells covers Lana Del Rey’s cult classic Born To Die

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Sydney rock outfit Wells has blown us away with their cover of Indie-pop Goddess; Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die. The cinematic rendition premiered last Thursday on Happy, already racking up 3000 plays and plenty of thumbs ups. The cover follows the release of the bands narrative singles ‘Fractures‘ and ‘Shepherd‘ from the yet to be released debut EP ‘The Pale King’, testifying that […]

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Circle Cover Rump Shaker

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Frank Ocean has Teddy Riley, Babyface and R. Kelly to thank for his taste and passion for the thumping and the melodic music he writes just as much as Teddy and crew have the Beatles to thank for the very same thing. John & Paul, heck they have Bach to thank! Alas, it would seem […]

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Atlas B – Streaming EP

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atlas b salvesen

We love this bio so we’re going to share it again: Atlas B Salvesen is a folk singer at heart and a philosopher of his own head. Born and raised in the Midwestern field state of Iowa, USA, there is a ghostly sense of isolation and alienation that permeates his music. He is a lyrically […]

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Circle’s One True Cup & From Your Father

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circle band

Following on from their very popular demo sessions from late 2012, Circle have dished up a couple more gems for us to sink our teeth into. With almost 10,000 plays in a month, the demos are doing the rounds and a couple have even made the Hype Machine radar.

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Circle – 1 2 3 Faux Leopard

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circle band

Worth a listen for the title alone, this new studio demo from Circle is a little glitchy, distorted, anthemic gem.

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Circle – The Magician Part One

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circle band

We have another under three minute studio demo from Circle this week. Its available for free download on Soundcloud.

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Circle – Over Broken Hills

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record label sydney

Circle share a new demo called Over Broken Hills.

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