Author: Radi Safi

  • Rising Damp… all the way to the top!

    Rising Damp… all the way to the top!

    I’m going to hazard a medical analogy if I may. If a flooded house is like a heart attack you survive then rising damp is like a growth you don’t notice until it smells… What the hell am I talking about? Well folks, Monday Records stores it’s CD stock under my house. Opanoni Stamps &…

  • Labels labels labels

    Labels labels labels

    The only things that labels have taught us in the last 6 years is how not to be a label. All images and words are © Copyright Monday Records 2010. Design by DPM Creative Group.

  • Shiny Spinning Wheel

    Shiny Spinning Wheel

    The opening track on Stamps and Coins is Shiny Spinning Wheel. One tries to create a focus point for a song because it is specifically a focal point that inspires that initial thought. I don’t think that ever goes away; even when the lyrics slip off to the side. Check out how close that first…

  • Stamps & Coins

    Stamps & Coins

    I called Stamps & Coins an eclectic collections of songs from years of song writing and experimenting. The experimenting wasn’t just the song smithing though. It was the whole process. I remember taking Sebastian Chase a few of the songs I’d done with Tom and he said great, show me some more. I understand what…

  • XO


    Before I dive into the making of the Stamps and Coins EP I’d like to briefly mention Elliott Smith. There’s hardly an indie soul left on the planet who doesn’t know the name and any time I come across a professed music lover who doesn’t know his music I am truly shocked but… I did…

  • The Lantern Bearers

    The Lantern Bearers

    Maxfield Parish was an American painter and illustrator and one of my earlier fine art discoveries. He seemed to be able to combine the truest devotion to art whilst also being able to commercialise it. I was drawn to him for many reasons but the bottom line was the magic of the art. My favorite…

  • Tom Kazas

    Tom Kazas

    Every musician deserves their first great musical moment to come sooner rather than later. This can take on one of many forms. Writing a great song, winning a contest, hearing your song produced, even hearing a new song* and so on. Even hearing yourself recorded for the first time if a profoundly powerful thing. People…

  • Jam-in-a-Jar


    By 2003 I had a couple of interesting albeit very unique musical contacts. One of them was Colin Seeger, one of the original co-authors of Music Business. He’d been advertising in the Australian Music Industry Directory under the business name Galvanizing Ideas and we hit it off almost immediately. We met up a few times,…

  • The XP-50 years

    The XP-50 years

    I’m slowly establishing the purpose of this blog. It is to catalogue and publish in one place the process that was the birth of Monday Records and its subsequent bands and musical projects. To be fair however, we must first very briefly look at the years leading up to the first EP in 2004. So this…

  • Monday Records – A Ghost is Born

    Monday Records – A Ghost is Born

    An apt albeit a borrowed title for the first official Monday Records blog entry. I’m Radi Safi and I started Monday Records in 2005 after the release of my first EP Stamps & Coins. That was done under the moniker of Opanoni. For the next few weeks I’m going to be re-living and re-establishing the…