Home Lives

Home Lives

Home Lives is the lo-fi venture of New Yorkers Mike Horgan and Brittany Cohen. Working with a number of talented heads in the NY music scene, the pair have a distinctive naïveté which is what makes them so captivating as a musical project.

Founding member Mike Horgan began Home Lives out of his desire to create hooky tunes about brazenly personal topics like childhood, love, post-college Millennial life and the human condition. They’re also very good at throwing the occasional pop culture reference in here and there as well.

home lives

Brittany Cohen is the one that makes it a duo where she adds vocals and keyboards to the mix almost effortlessly. Since their conception they’ve experimented with a range of styles which they inject into their indie rock like 50’s doo-wop, 60’s pop rock and garage rock, 80’s post-punk and synthpop, and some 90’s shoegaze and jangle pop.

The album, Cool Waves, Young Blood was recorded with Chris Daly at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY. Daly has recently recorded artists such as Porches., Frankie Cosmos, QUARTERBACKS, Diet Cig and PWR BTTM. The album was mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music. Ruhe has recently mastered albums by artists such as Titus Andronicus, Built to Spill, and Swans. Noah Bowman, drummer of Diet Cig, plays drums on the entire Home Lives EP.

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For Australian bookings please contact Radi Safi [email protected]

For all other inquiries please contact Meggan Quinn [email protected]

Recent praise for Home Lives

Bonded together over dead bodies and deadly good music, New York’s Home Lives are ready to show the world what they’ve got with their debut single Cool Waves, Young Blood – HAPPY

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