Smoke Rings, Froyo, Quantum Milkshake, Cris Gamble and Yours and Owls Festival

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Here’s what we’ve been drooling over this week; Smoke Rings new single ‘Rose Coloured Glass’ sending us into a rainbow rock frenzy, Electro-pop tornado Froyo’s set at The World Bar tonight, the mind blowing debut album Determination from the outer space Quantum Milkshake, Melbourne rapper Cris Gambles latest track ‘Anthony James’, and the froth worthy 2016 Yours and Owls line up. Get some the sims 5

Smoke Rings

Melbourne indie-rock band Smoke Rings latest single ‘Rose Coloured Glass’ will have you hazed in a glittery mind field of psychedelic nirvana. Drawing influence from Greats like Blur, Smoke Rings have mastered the art of modernising and personalising familiar sounds, creating bold and authentic soundscapes that leave you with a warm feeling of nostalgia and bliss. The band have a string of East Coast tour dates lined up in September to tour ‘Rose Coloured Glass’, with the first to kick off at Melbourne’s Sheebeen on Thursday September 8th. How to tie a tie?


The Sydney synthpop group that is Froyo have been featured not once, but twice this week in Triple J’s featured gigs, thats two tasty toppings fo yo Froyo. The electric group will be pumping up the room at The World Bar’s Friday night Banquet tonight supporting Melbourne songstress Evangeline’s debut Sydney show. So after you explore the tireless magic of VIVID, pop into The World Bar for a boogie and $5 tinnies! Yiewww

Quantum Milkshake

The inspirational concept of Quantum Milkshake is the ingenious brain fart of Fabian Acuna, an epic 8 piece arrangement more like a micro-orchestra than a band, with a sound that is undeniably galactic. Described as Cinematic Dance Music, Quantum Milkshake have planted their flag onto our Musical planet in the form of their debut album Determination, and there is not denying that determination and a whole lotta’ something else was used in the writing of this album, with tracks stretching into the 10 and 13 minute realm keeping you hypnotised and grooving for the entirety of the full length album.

Cris Gamble

The Melbourne hip-hop scene is a seemingly endless fountain of wordsmiths and creativity, and Cris Gamble’s new track ‘Anthony James’ is its latest musical offspring. Gamble’s new single is a thick progressive bass that flows seamlessly under his aggressive and politically peppered rap. The dirty-sexy lyrics surrounding the bridge “in the ocean get wavy like a sea storm“, implies a sense of pathetic fallacy as Gamble references American pop culture and politics in light of “a new world order“. Gamble’s pensive and evolved sound is sure to take him far on the impressively fast moving Aussie hip-happening movement, and we’re all along for the ride.

Yours and Owls Festival

This years line-up features the full roster of Farmer & The Owl artists; including the labels latest signing BEC SANDRIDGE. Taking place in The Gong’s Stuart Park across the first weekend of October, the festival will feature performances from local heavyweights DMAS, Ball Park Music and Hockey Dad, rap powerhouses Remi and Sampa The Great, and if DJs are more your thing; Hermitude, KLP and Client Liaison are also on the bill. Yours and Owl members pre-sale began this morning at 9am, and go on sale to the general public this coming Monday.