Pikachunes premieres ‘You Are’ video on Noisey

After dropping You Are from the forthcoming album Allely earlier this year, the single has received plenty of love in the blogosphere. Since then the track has been covered by fellow Melbourne producer Owen Rabbit, and our man Chu’ has gone on to do some mix-ups of his own taking on local legends Alpine‘s addictive track Crunches. Taking You Are one step further, Pikachunes has released an animated video for the song which premiered yesterday on Noisey.

you are video internal image

Miles G. Loveless, dark mastermind of Pikachunes explained: “Ever since seeing Daft Punk’s video for “One More Time’” I have been obsessed with the use of animation in music videos. “You Are” has such a strong narrative and I wanted the video to follow the story as literally as possible. You’re always told never to work with family, however this project came to life through the vision of my cousin Cameron McDougall who was able to give my words (and beats) imagery and I’m delighted with what we were able to achieve together”

The animated video follows the narrative story line of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy drops pills, boy drives car of cliff…ah, the age old tale. The clip, like the song, is dramatic, dark and totally addictive; illustrating Pika’s intense themes of young love and reckless obsession surrounding the bridge “you are the most important thing in the world to me”.

Take a look at the video and jump on Miles’ Facebook for updates on the release of the forthcoming album Allely.