Pikachunes Official Alpine Remix of Crunches

Pikachunes has knocked it out of the park with his official re-mix of the killer Alpine track Crunches.

The track premiered on Tonedeaf who had some pretty special words to say about our boy: We’re only into the second month of 2016 and Melbourne producer Pikachunes has already made it the year of the ‘Chu. Firstly he dropped ‘You Are’ and announced it as the first taste of his forthcoming record, Allely and now he’s set a pretty high bar with an extended official remix of Alpine’s killer track ‘Crunches’.

A complete rework, the track sees the talented beat maker open the song up to an enunciated piano line and then smother the whole thing in a ridiculously additive dance beat. Utilising only some of the original lyrical structure, he’s stripped and chopped up the vocals boiling them down to the bare essentials warranting repeat listens. Check out the track below and if you like what you’re hearing pop by his Facebook for more info on upcoming shows and releases.