Spookyland Single Party

Despite being a full moon and Friday the 13th, we managed to make it out the other end of Spookyland‘s The Silly Fucking Thing single launch alive.

Presented by Monday Records and Happy, the show was a triple premiere, debuting three previous solo acts (The Tambourine Girls, Atlas B Salvensen and Spookyland) as full band experiences. The promise of a live rendition of Marcus’ unique vocal stylings and a chance to hear tunes featured on the upcoming EP Rock And Roll Weakling drew a huge host of supporters, who packed FBi Social to capacity.

spookyland fbi social


The night was also the first show from Happy in three years, who ran a series of campfire sessions and parties around Sydney’s suburbs throughout 2011. The party people now run an Australia-focused music blog, but stay tuned for more information on upcoming Happy curated shows.

Atlas B Salvesen is currently working on his upcoming release The Pale King while Spookyland’s debut EP The Rock And Roll Weakling is set to be released later this year through Monday Records. You can preorder the EP here.

atlas b salvesen

Atlas B Salvesen

Spookyland is the cacophonous creation of star-crossed Sydney dweller, Marcus Gordon. The studio debut single, The Silly Fucking Thing explores the frontman’s paranormal ability for story telling, akin to Bob Dylan paired with the volatility of Nick Cave.

Melancholic harmonica bounces off guitar reverb to build tension that is only escalated by the brazen vocals of the 22-year old, producing a track that we dare you not to be moved by. His enigmatic stylings come to life in his poignant live delivery with four-piece band.

The EP, due out later this year traverses genres. Dark blues blend with country whilst an underlying textured pop sensibility keeps these ear worms wriggling around long after you’ve pulled off your headphones.


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