Shiny Spinning Wheel

The opening track on Stamps and Coins is Shiny Spinning Wheel. One tries to create a focus point for a song because it is specifically a focal point that inspires that initial thought. I don’t think that ever goes away; even when the lyrics slip off to the side. Check out how close that first word ‘time’ is to a track by Mercury Rev. I may have been listenign to some of their stuff but I can’t say for certain. One thing is for certain. Elliott Smith died while I was recording it and I added a final verse about him and the events that had unfolded.



Creates an overpass a swimming lake

That I can’t take with me

And I…

React unconsciously to

Things inside your past that I can’t see

I can’t see…

And the feeling of a second is unreal

But a moment named and given I can feel

For a life is but a shiny spinning wheel

And for you my love my heart it will appeal

Inside of me

It burns inside of me

It grows inside of me

The days

A magic misty haze

Of thing past gone

And things that are to be

The wheels

You know they turn they cast for you and burn

For you and me

You and me


Time for you

To wait no more

It’s on now

Unlike before

I’m moving

I’m off the floor

How can I hold you to

The things you said

When we were new

Oh baby don’t

Throw the remote at me

The news

Delivered by

The trusty guys at triple J has made me blue

Apparently so

Oh Elliott has gone and cancelled all his tours

And all his days

He’s on his way

And the feeling of this second

Is divine

By my own hand

I am leaving I am mine

Oh sweet Adeline

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