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Stamps & Coins

I called Stamps & Coins an eclectic collections of songs from years of song writing and experimenting. The experimenting wasn’t just the song smithing though. It was the whole process. I remember taking Sebastian Chase a few of the songs I’d done with Tom and he said great, show me some more. I understand what that means now but I honestly didn’t at the time. MGM did eventually get behind the release and we had a couple of good years working together. They probably took a bit longer than they should have with regard to the digital side of things but that was still pretty new at the time.

I’ve mentioned Paul and Tom and the events leading up to having eight tracks that I was happy to put on a disc. I had an unconfirmed okay from a distributor. I just needed to master and manufacture this baby and show them the finished product. The artwork was complete and I got various components of the final disc made up via various contacts. The first lot of CDs were pressed from glass master in Melbourne by DEX audio and they completely fucked up the colour. I made them re-print the entire lot and I was in such a state that they hand delivered them when one of their reps was going to be in Sydney. The disc itself has a four colour image of the cover of the CD. At the last minute, looking at the finished design I decided to make up a name for a label: Opanoni Records 1 Ann Street Surry Hills. The address was mine; well it was the address of my design company DPM Creative Group. I use the term officialising in design a lot. It’s that line of text at the bottom of things which makes it look real, balanced and right. I also plugged the design studio. The disc was given the catalogue number OR0001. I would later recognise that as MR0001.

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