The XP-50 years

I’m slowly establishing the purpose of this blog. It is to catalogue and publish in one place the process that was the birth of Monday Records and its subsequent bands and musical projects. To be fair however, we must first very briefly look at the years leading up to the first EP in 2004. So this is about the first thoughts behind turning 200 midi tracks into a record label. I had an XP-50 Roland sequencer / synthesizer and I could program an entire orchestrated song on this little sucker. They took little 3 1/4″ discs and the bigger songs took a good couple of minutes to load. I learnt a lot about music production and orchestration. I was also writing furiously. There was no means of recording any of it so it was always a fresh load off the floppy discs. Many of these songs are now lost. There was no PA either so if there was a guitar and singing part it was done live, every time. We were listening to a lot of R&B and hip hop but I was writing folk rock. We made a lot of naive musical discoveries in the next few years and by 2003 there was enough songs with enough clout to justify a recording session. Even though I had solid ideas, I started looking for a producer.


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