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Monday Records – A Ghost is Born

An apt albeit a borrowed title for the first official Monday Records blog entry. I’m Radi Safi and I started Monday Records in 2005 after the release of my first EP Stamps & Coins. That was done under the moniker of Opanoni. For the next few weeks I’m going to be re-living and re-establishing the birth of the label and publishing a series of blogs, songs, links and videos. The reason is simple. I’m doing it to reinvigorate a sense of passion for what I originally set out to do and to give the work, the label, the people that have been involved (without which it would not have been possible) and above all else the music the recognition it deserves and a place to share it all. I never got a chance to treat Monday Records like a new business, like a baby that deserves total care and nurturing. I’ve been busy with other things and by default, by way of it having been around for five years or more, it won’t ever be like that fresh start up fever that all new businesses enjoy. But I think it can be more. Certainly different. Definitely important. It starts here but this isn’t ground zero.

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