Shiny Spinning Wheel

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record label sydney

The opening track on Stamps and Coins is Shiny Spinning Wheel. One tries to create a focus point for a song because it is specifically a focal point that inspires that initial thought. I don’t think that ever goes away; even when the lyrics slip off to the side. Check out how close that first […]

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The Lantern Bearers

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sydney record label

Maxfield Parish was an American painter and illustrator and one of my earlier fine art discoveries. He seemed to be able to combine the truest devotion to art whilst also being able to commercialise it. I was drawn to him for many reasons but the bottom line was the magic of the art. My favorite […]

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Monday Records – A Ghost is Born

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monday records

An apt albeit a borrowed title for the first official Monday Records blog entry. I’m Radi Safi and I started Monday Records in 2005 after the release of my first EP Stamps & Coins. That was done under the moniker of Opanoni. For the next few weeks I’m going to be re-living and re-establishing the […]

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