Bin Juice to play The Chippendale Hotel

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Bin Juice_Feature Image_Chippo Show

Bin Juice Bin Juice is the band that keeps on giving. After announcing an upcoming show at Manly’s Moonshine last week, the boys have backed it with the announcement of  another night of rock and debauchery, set to take place Thursday July 28th at The Chippo, with supports to be announced soon.   With a […]

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New Bin Juice show, Spooks set to play Chippo City Limits, Wells ‘Born To Die’ cover reaches 13,000 plays, Circle teases studio time and Pika takes a fall

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Bin Juice _Steyne Show_feature image

Old mates Spookyland are playing The Lord Gladstone’s Chippo City Limits, the Wells cover of ‘Born To Die’ is on the cusp of 13,000 plays on Happy’s Exclusive Tracks, Circle has teased being back in the ickyudio and electronic mastermind Pikachunes is on the benches with 2 dance floor inflicted stitches. Coming off the back of […]

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Bin Juice signs to Monday Records and announce studio EP

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Bin Juice signing_feature image

We are delighted to announce the signing of Sydney 5 piece Bin Juice to Monday Records. Hailing from the North Shore, Bin Juice is just the right dose of Grit, Psych and a live set that leaves every punter talking for days. Their signature song-writing centres around their love of jamming, organically spurting out addictive melodies they then turn into […]

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Monday Records thanks you for a great 2015

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It’s been a good year here at Monday Records HQ. Not only have we had the pleasure in signing our artists, Wells (Sydney), Pikachunes (Melbourne) and Home Lives (New York), we’ve sat back in teary relief, proudly watching these talented artists release great material, play live shows and attract media attention from around the globe. A joy to witness, Monday […]

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Happy has a New Home

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happy music blog

We’re pleased to announce that Happy has a new home. It will look and smell a little familiar for a while until our little web monkeys get it up and running just right. Many thanks to all the bands and venues that made Happy possible. So for all new music news please visit the new […]

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On the Stoop

on October 5, 2010 Live Shows and Tags: , , with 17 comments
record label sydney

Serge Stanley and his merry minstrels delivered their brand of Eastern Suburbs alternative Gypsy cabaret and everyone had a blast. We recorded The War of Terror; an old favorite that we first heard in Surry Hills a couple of years ago. Please check it out here…   All images and words are © Copyright Monday […]

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Lost in the Woods

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record label sydney

Our friends Lost in the Woods were happy to play Guinea Pigs as we experimented with two camera angles last week! Check it out… And yes, we know fades aren’t cool but we challenge you not to use them. D(s)OP Radi and Tania Safi. Nice. All images and words are © Copyright Monday Records 2010. […]

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Updates and Blog Rolls

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record label sydney

Monday is meant to be our blog roll day. It’s when we (me) go through our blogs, update everything and make sure everything is fresh and up to date. It takes more than a day actually and is slowly consuming our (my) entire life. But… some noteworthy tidbits: the poster for Happy! has been slightly […]

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Big Smoky at the Sly

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record label sydney

Peaks and troughs are of little consequence as we charge forward into our third week of Happy gigs. One of the highlights for us last Sunday was Yukio by Big Smoky. Don’t let the half speed bees fool you. They’re only there to cover up some shady camera work. And just like a peatie, well […]

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Jenny Broke the Window

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sydney record label

Doing the research for the Happy shows wasn’t easy but it was a heap of fun. One of the first bands we came across that really got our attention were Jenny Broke the Window. Crisp, tight, edgy pop. We couldn’t fault a single track on their myspace page (and we’re certainly not here to review […]

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