Spookyland Single Party

on June 16, 2014 Live Shows, Spookyland and Tags: , with 0 comments
spookyland fbi social

Despite being a full moon and Friday the 13th, we managed to make it out the other end of Spookyland‘s The Silly Fucking Thing single launch alive. Presented by Monday Records and Happy, the show was a triple premiere, debuting three previous solo acts (The Tambourine Girls, Atlas B Salvensen and Spookyland) as full band […]

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Worksheet Widget

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record label sydney

With all these gigs coming up it got us thinking about all the crap that venues and bookers do wrong. Not so that we could sit here bagging them out (as easy as that is to do…) but so that we could offer things that no one’s been able to do properly for bands. In […]

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