Spookyland is the cacophonous creation of star-crossed Sydney dweller, Marcus Gordon who joined Monday Records in November 2013. The studio debut single, The Silly Fucking Thing explores the frontman’s paranormal ability for story telling, akin to Bob Dylan paired with the volatility of Nick Cave.

Melancholic harmonica bounces off guitar reverb to build tension that is only escalated by the brazen vocals of the 22-year old, producing a track that we dare you not to be moved by. His enigmatic stylings come to life in his poignant live delivery with four-piece band.

The EP Rock and Roll Weakling which is available now on CD and vinyl via the Monday Records store traverses genres. Dark blues blend with country whilst an underlying textured pop sensibility keeps these ear worms wriggling around long after you’ve pulled off your headphones.


For ANZ bookings contact Samuel Wald [email protected]

For US bookings contact Doug Singer [email protected] or Don Muller [email protected]

For UK bookings contact Russell Warby rwarby@wmeentertainment.com or Adele Slater aslater@wmeentertainment.com

For ANZ press contact Meg Williams –[email protected]

For US press contact – Brid Warpole –[email protected]

For UK press contact Paddy Davis –[email protected]

All other inquiries contact Jess Thornhill Jess.Thornhill@wintermanandgoldstein.com


Recent Praise for Spookyland

“That voice—adenoidal, snarling, and echoing like Jeff Mangum singing inside of a beer can”


“If you have recently broken up with your significant other… your cat/dog/hamster/Tamagotchi recently died, someone yelled “twat” at you while you were driving, or you simply didn’t have enough spare for an extra latte this morning and feel a little grumpy, then this track is for you”


“This is music to be listened to over and over, take from it what you will, just take from it”


“Meet Sydney’s very own Bob Dylan”


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Spookyland News

Rock and Roll Weakling on Vinyl

spookyland vinyl

We have a very limited number (seriously limited like 50 copies) of Spookyland’s EP Rock and Roll Weakling available on vinyl as of today. These can be bought directly…

November 14, 2014Spookyland

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Spookyland – LA, NY and UK

gig crop

Spookyland are pleased to announce that they’ll be heading to LA, NY and the UK both in support of their US release of Rock and Roll Weakling through Canvasback…

October 19, 2014Spookyland

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Spookyland Tour and Signing News

spookyland tour

Showing no signs of slowing down, Spookyland have just embarked on their first national headline tour to launch the Rock and Roll Weakling EP. Hot off the news that Canvasback will…

September 4, 2014Spookyland

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Spookyland signs to Canvasback and more

spookyland ep tour

Three massive pieces of news in Spookyland today. Following the enormous success of his studio single The Silly F*** Thing and debut Rock and Roll Weakling we’re very excited…

August 7, 2014Spookyland

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Spookyland – Rock and Roll Weakling

rock and roll weakling

Monday Records is delighted to announce the release of Rock and Roll Weakling on Friday the 18th of July! Leading with the title track which is now available to…

July 10, 2014Spookyland

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Spookyland announces The Standard Bowl

spookyland the standard bowl

After a huge response to Spookyland’s debut full band performance at FBi Social earlier this month, Monday Records are pleased to invite you to the band’s follow up show, this time…

June 23, 2014Live Shows Spookyland

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Spookyland Single Party

spookyland fbi social

Despite being a full moon and Friday the 13th, we managed to make it out the other end of Spookyland’s The Silly Fucking Thing single launch alive. Presented by…

June 16, 2014Live Shows Spookyland

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Rainbow Chan covers Silly Fucking Thing

rainbow chan

Okay so this is pretty exciting. Sydney’s own electro-quirk-pop darling Rainbow Chan has just recorded and released a pretty little cover of Spookyland’s The Silly Fucking Thing! The track premiered…

May 21, 2014Spookyland

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